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If you intend to focus all your attention to your principal business activity and you do not have the required funds or experts, then the best choice for you is to leave our professionals take care of the accounting of your company.
We offer you punctual and quality works and ...

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Audit of financial statements and other financial information
• Audit of financial statements (annual and interim), drawn up in compliance with the National Accounting Standards for the Financial Statements of Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises ...

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• Following the deadlines for tax payment and statement submittal, fixed by the law;
• Preparation of the money orders for tax payments;
• Preparation of tax references and notices;
• Preparation, presentation and protect...

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All consultations are free if you have a valid accounting service contract signed with us.
• Consultation referring to tax planning of your business;
• Consulting and revision of contracts aiming their perfection from taxation perspective;

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• Collection of documents from the client’s office;
• On-line banking;
• Submitting documents to the various institutions;
• Issue of certificates of good standing;
• Issue of documents verifying existence or lack of tax payab...