Accounting services

If you intend to focus all your attention to your principal business activity and you do not have the required funds or experts, then the best choice for you is to leave our professionals take care of the accounting of your company.
We offer you punctual and quality works and guarantee for the safety of your data.
Accounting services and drawing up financial statements
•    Full current management of your financial reporting and drawing up the required financial statements. This includes the processing of the primary accounting documents, keeping the necessary accounting registers, filing and reviewing the tax returns (upon the VAT Act or the CITA), drawing up annual financial statements, as well as monthly and quarterly statements, necessary for the proper management of your company.
Processing of salaries
•    The administration of the salaries is often a very delicate and confidential issue, which requires utter compliance with the changes of the applicable legislation, which regulate it. That is why we provide our clients with the option to leave us fully prepare the salaries of the overall staff of the company or those of the management staff only.
Our services related to the administration of the salaries include the calculation of the net wages and all taxes, social security and health insurance that are due and payable, the preparation of the payment documents, service of a special bank account in the name of the client, which will be used only for the payment of salaries.
Accounting surveillance and assistance  
•    For clients, who have their own accounting tem, we offer services related to the control and analysis of the entered accounting documents and information, and assistance in drawing up the current monthly statements, aid in the closure of the fiscal year and in drawing up the annual financial statements and tax returns. Furthermore, we offer services related to the annual review of the accounting documents and guidelines how to draw up the statutory annual stock-taking; we offer also training and assessment of your accounting personnel.